Wire Wands


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If you want to wrap your own coils using high quality Mysticoils Alien wire then look no further!  You can customise your build with as many or little wraps as you want on your own choice of inner diameter and allowing you to use high quality wire.

Although I have tried to make all the Wire Wands as straight as possible, you might need to adjust them slightly to have them perfectly straight before wrapping.

  • Each tube will contain Two (2) 13cm lengths of high quality tri-core alien wire.
  • All Wire Wands are packed in a PET plastic test tube  to keep each length from bending during post.

Make sure you have good knowledge of Ohm’s Law and are using only good quality high drain batteries in your device!




All Wire Wands are a minimum of 13cm/5in in length and crimped at each end to ensure the wraps stay tight during transport.

Each tube contains two pre-made alien wire lengths approximately 13cm long.

ALIEN 26 Ni80
Core: 3 x 26g WBN80
Fuse: 36g WBN80 Alien
Resistance per 13cm: approx 0.37Ω


Core: 3 x 26g WBKA1
Fuse: 36g WBKA1 Alien
Resistance per 13cm: approx 0.48Ω


Core: 3 x 28g WBKA1
Fuse: 36g WBKA1 Alien
Resistance per 13cm: approx 0.77Ω


Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 16 × 1.5 × 1.5 cm
Wire Wands

Wand Alien 26 KA1, Wand Alien 26 Ni80, Wand Alien 28 KA1


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