These coils are for people who have experience building on an RTA or RDA atomiser.

After installing your coils in to your atomiser, you will need to dry fire your coils to introduce heat and stabilise your coil’s resistance.

  • Mount your rebuildable deck on to an ohm reader or mod and check the initial resistance of the coils.  This reading is usually lower than the final resistance.
  • Reduce your wattage to around 15 watts and pulse fire the coils until they slightly glow an orange colour (do not heat the coils to a red hot glow).
  • Work out the hot spots (a bright lightning type glow) by strumming the coils with a pair of ceramic tweezers.
  • Once your hot spots are eliminated you can increase the wattage and pulse fire the coils again.  Make sure your coils heat up from the center outwards.  You can gently pinch your coils or strum them to help them heat correctly.
  • If you are dry firing dual coils, make sure they heat up simultaneously.  If one coil heats up faster this may mean a coil is not tightened fully, tighted the grub screws and test fire them again.  DO NOT over tighten your grub screws as you could potentially break the leads on the coil.
  • Once your coils are glowing from the center outwards, and heating up simultaneously (for dual coils) then you are ready to wick your coils, juice them up and enjoy your experience.
  • Always put safety first.



To help increase the longevity of your coils there are a few things you can do to keep your coiils in top shape.  Mysticoils can last up to 2 months if properly maintained.

  • When you change your wicks (recommended once a week), heat up the coils (after cotton is removed of course) and when they’re hot run them under a cold tap.  Repeat this 3 or 4 times.
  • Check that your coils are still glowing properly from the center out, and simultaneously if a dual coil set up.  This will give you a change to correct the coils if they are not firing correctly.
  • Re-wick your coils, juice up and keep enjoying your flavourful vape.